Ass with many Free Open Source programs, the support of the community is what makes any open source program better.

MyITCRM is no different. There are many ways you can contribute to this program.


A common misconception is that people think you need to know PHP or HTML or another programming language to be of help out. This is simply not true.We have listed a few areas were MyITCRM needs your help.


Reporting Bugs you have found in the software helps everyone in the long run. This makes the software much more stable and less frustrating for the end user(s).

Why not become an Issue Reporter to the development team. You can help collect information about the issue and create issues in the MyITCRM Issue Tracker. All you need is a good understanding of MyITCRM and how it works and also be able to type…and thats it.


Feature Requests no matter how small, may also help out many other users who may not have thought it could be possible. Whilst not all feature request get included in the main releases, if there is wider community requesting such a feature or similar then we will implement it as soon as we can. Why not even create a Poll in the forum and get people there to vote on your idea.


Great Documentation is by far the second most critical part of great software. I (Glen) admit that we have next to no documentation for myitcrm. Whilst we have made a start, we need so many more pages and tutorials written. Even if you could write just one page or tutorial, then that would be greatly appreciated by everyone.


Scan through the forum and see if someone needs help and if you think you know the answer, then let them know.


If you like this software and plan to use it, then please why not make a donation to help show your appreciation to the hard work and countless hours it has taken to get to this stage. We have made super easy to donate, simply scroll down to the botton of this page and you will see “Donations”, fill in the details and away you go. Transactions are handled through Paypal for your piece of mind.



Status: BETA

Next Release ETA: TBC

License: GNU GPLv3

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Supporters of MyITCRM!

Provided MyITCRM Devs with an IDE to develop with..

Supporters of MyITCRM!

Provided MyITCRM Devs with an IDE to develop with..