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MyITCRM 1 is a web application written in PHP. It requires a web server or web server software installed on your local PC/Mac/Linux to function.

Below is a list of common installation types.


  Web Host Provider

MyITCRM 1 requires a system that meets the minimum System Requirements

If you do not have a web host provider you may want to check out our list of hosting providers that have been submitted by the community.


  Xampp running on a Windows Based PC (Local PC or LAN setup)

Some may choose to install on a local laptop or desktop a in the home or at the workshop. Xampp is a package of Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLite and more that can be dowloaded and installed on PC, MAC OS X, Linux and Solaris. Xampp saves time and is easy to setup without installing and configuring multiple packages.


   Xampp Installation on Windows PC


The Docs team are currently working on other sections at the moment. This document is incomplete.





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