• custom permissions
  • pdf invoice
  • detailed workorders
  • easy invoice creation
  • edit rates
  • localisation
  • Custom Permissions - Have full control over User Access.
  • Built-in PDF Invoice Creation - Create PDF invoices you email your customers.
  • Work Order Details - All the right information in the one spot.
  • Easy Invoice Creation - Simple and professional invoicing.
  • Individual Rates with bulk uploading from existing systems via CSV.
  • Localisation - Setup just right for your area.

 MyIT CRM is designed for the needs of the Service and Repairs Business Industry.

MyITCRM provides your business the tools to maintain and track your customers information and work orders, payments made, invoicing, employees and jobs.
Whilst MyIT CRM was originally designed for the Computer Repairs Industry, it can easily be used for any type of repairs related business
  • Electrical Device Repairs and Servicing;
  • Small/Large Plant Maintenance and  Servicing;
  • Motorcycles, Cars, Lawn Equipment Servicing and Repairs.
Some of MyIT CRM’s Features:
  • Customer details including Google maps directions ;
  • Work Order (Jobs/Tasks) Management ;
  • Work Order scheduling via calendar per employee ;
  • Billing and Invoicing ;
  • Accept payments via Credit Cards via either Paymate, Paypal , Cheques, Cash or Gift Certificates ;
  • and much more!
So now give the demo a try or download your free copy and start optimising your business with this easy to use and feature packed CRM Program.

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